Services & Facilities

Warehousing & Logistics Services

TMC currently has factories in Singapore and KL as well as a warehouse situated in JB. These factories and warehouses have all been approved and licensed with the appropriate hazardous chemicals safety standards.

  • Large Storage Area- With a total floor area of 200 000 sq feet in all our warehouses, TMC is in a good position to store both flammable and poison chemicals for our customers.
  • Clean and Secure Storage Facilities - TMC runs frequent checks on its warehouses and storage tanks to make sure that they are in good condition. Our employees and drivers are continuously trained to ensure that they have the necessary skills to handle the hazardous chemicals.
  • Transport fleet - Transmare- Chemie has our own fleet of road tankers and transport lorries to support our high frequency of delivery and on-time delivery to our customers.
  • ISO Tanks - We have our own ISO containers for efficient bulk delivery to customers requiring higher volumes.

Our factories are strategically located in the industrial areas of Singapore and Malaysia and hence allow TMC to have easy access to customer's premises at short notices.

Bulk Chemical Storage

TMC has its own inland storage tanks to store 1200 m³ capacity capacity of chemicals.

These allow us to keep stock of abundant chemical in times of tight supplies.

Quality control is done before the chemicals are stored in the tanks to ensure quality of products from the supplier.

Drumming Services

We have up-to-date facilities to carry out all the operations relating to drumming - from the filling of empty drums to the storage of filled ones.

Quality control is done for each and every drum to prevent contamination and upholding quality of our products.

Blending Services

We have customize blending capabilities with state of the art facility to cater to your individual needs.